Published on 20 July 2023 at 11:52

Welcome to Honey & Hive Co Apiary! We are a small, family owned, faith based homestead located in Ohio dedicated to supplying our friends & community with the best local raw honey Richland County has to offer. My husband & I started beekeeping and raising beef cattle here as a hobby several years ago and have since then turned it into a business. Our farm is dedicated to cultivating a better Earth by raising awareness of the honey bees important role for the health of our planet and the benefits they provide for our environment.

Honey contains multiple properties with essential nutrients and antioxidants that make it an excellent source to use for medicinal purposes.

Some evidence suggests that honey can help reduce your risk for skin cancer and other cancers. There are positive results from these studies of using honey on cancer cells, showing its ability to help slow the growth and reproduction of cancerous cells in the body. Other excellent health benefits of honey include:

Natural cough suppressant, reduces inflammation and improves blood sugar regulation, reduce oxidative stress and help in clearing free radicals, powerful antiseptic, helps in treating dementia and other neuroinflammatory diseases, helps in wound healing due to its amazing anti-microbial activities and anti-inflammatory properties, improves digestion, a powerful skin moisturizer and anti-bacterial toner that slows down aging, helps in repairing hair damage, improves hair growth, and maintains a healthy scalp, among numerous other benefits. Raw honey contains over 30 different polyphenols, 22 amino acids, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. 

To put it briefly, the list of health benefits of raw honey never ends. It is one of the best additions to our daily diet to boost our immunity naturally.

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